Saturday, May 2, 2009

Congratulations to selected colleagues

If you read this post, chances are that you have been selected to participate in the Danida Fellowship Course leading up to the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

This blog is open for all to read - but we have not submitted the details to google, so you will have to know about its existence in order to find it.

The COP 15 venue Bella Center is quiet these days, but thousands of people are already busy preparing for the Summit - and Danicom and Nordeco are busy working on the last details of the course programme. You will find it on this blog as soon as have all details confirmed.

When you have finished reading this page, please take some time to fill in the questionnaire, which you will find here. That will help the trainers meet your expectations for the course

We are sure that you will enjoy Copenhagen and Denmark in June, which Danes consider the best time of the year with lots of sunshine and out-door life. You can see more about the City on

The official website of the Summit can be found at

Very soon we will send you the log-in to this blog and we look forward to get you contributions prior to the training course.

All the best from the Danicom/Nordeco team.