Friday, June 19, 2009

Sustainable urban development in Malmø

There will be a chance for visiting Malmø, the third largest city in Sweden located across from Copenhagen. The visit is voluntary and will take place on Saturday 27 June. The focus will be on sustainable urban development in the Western Harbour of Malmø and will be led by Lars Pedersen from the Danida Fellowship Centre. There will be an opportunity to go shopping afterwards in Malmø. Further details and signing up for the trip will take place during the course on Friday 26.

The following two reports provides an introduction to the area and the planning approach.

An interesting article from the Guardian about the Western Harbour residential area and its biodiversity enhancing efforts.

1 comment:

Lars said...

Wow - that sounds really neat, cool and all that...
In my opinion your guide for this visit is very friendly, knowledgable, charming, wise, fashionable, and an over-all great guy to hang out with (perhaps a bit full of himself, but still...).

Enjoy the visit!