Monday, June 29, 2009

Vanløse Climate Street

The field trip today includes a visit to the socalled "Climate Street." The following is a press release from the Agenda 21 office in Vanløse regarding this special street:

Climate Street – Yes, we can!

25. June at 8.30 am was the starting point for Vanlose Climate Street, which will put Vanlose on the global climate maps! Think globally - act locally.

The aim is to transform the street ‘Jernbane Allé’ into a green commercial street, which - in addition to environmental and economic benefits for the shop keepers – will give the citizens of Vanlose a unique opportunity for environmental and climate-friendly local shopping. In reality the shop keepers will work under the concept of ‘Climate +’, which should result in a reduction in the shops energy use or under the concept ‘green store’ which in addition to the ‘Climate +’ approach also focuses on waste, water, the products (cleaners, etc.) that are used in the shop and the products that the shop sells. Both concepts have been developed by the Copenhagen Municipality.

The first "carrot" for the shop keepers is a free offer of an energy review, when they register as a ‘Climate +’ or ‘Green store’. In addition they will get the benefits of the joint promotion and branding that project provides.

During the process the project will watch for other environmental and climate initiatives that may be integrated into the project for example the opportunity of establishing charging stations for electric cars, joint bicycle racks and much more.

The goal is that at least 75% of the shop keepers should be involved in the project by 1 November 2009.

The project is created in collaboration between the shop keepers on ‘Jernbane Allé, Miljopunkt Vanlose and Grønne Erhverv (Green Business) in the Municipality

Miljøpunkt Vanløse, Jernbane Allé 95, Tel: +45 4090 8820
Jacob Hartmann, Green Business, Municipality of Copenhagen, Tel: +45 3366 3193
Allan Christensen, Energy Adviser, Tel: +45 4079 3654

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