Thursday, September 17, 2009

Global Warming - What to Do?

Steffen Johnsen from NORDECO has updated his mindmap guide about global warming and what can be done. He writes in his introduction:

This is an attempt to create a knowledge base on Global Warming for Nordeco and its clients and collaborators. The MindMap attempts to help with the overview, while the text generally provides first a 'key quote' or a description what an issue is about, and then goes on to refer to additional sources of information. If we have been able to identify sources that provide solid data, these are also listed, with some actual data. This file should be read in conjunction with the one on Greenhouse Gasses, which attempts to provide info on which gases contribute to global warming as well as their sources and data on their volume.

Global Warming - What can be done?
Greenhouse Gasses

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