Thursday, October 29, 2009

Articles from Ethiopia and Malawi

Kindly find attached stories I produced for Malawi's weekly newspaper, the weekly news. It can be edited as it was produced for a local newspaper. I will also be sending you some other stories from Ethiopia. I have talked to the African group negotiators on the African common position some days before.
many tks, Tewodros Negash Bayu

Malawi-A Small emitter but paying sacrifice to the world

Government, NGOs and Academia agreed to speak against Climate Injustice

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New edition of the UNFCCC newsletter

Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change talks about the latest edition of the UNFCCC newsletter: Welcome to the latest edition of our UNFCCC newsletter. The stage is set for a week of international climate change talks in Barcelona in the first week of November – the final round of negotiations before the Copenhagen conference gets underway. Important issues need to be resolved. In Barcelona, all nations must step back from self-interest and let common interest prevail.

Read the entire newsletter here

Climate Change in Central America

The Central American Integration System (SICA) is the institutional framework of Regional Integration in Central America, created by the States of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. SICA was established in 1991 with the objective of securing the integration of Central America in order to become a region of peace, freedom, democracy and development. Our colleague Carlos Gomez is in charge of communication at SICA and he writes: 
We’ve been busy as well we launched a website with all information regarding climate change in the region. There are all sorts of stuff we’re keeping there. Included all the speeches given by the protemporary presidency during the negotiations in Bangkok. The website is:

Take a visit to the SICA climate change website

Monday, October 26, 2009

IPCC meeting in Bali

The 31st Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) opened this morning in Bali, Indonesia. This meeting will be held from 26 to 29 October 2009 in Bali, Indonesia. During the meeting, the three IPCC Working Groups (WGs) will also convene to agree on the respective chapter outlines and schedules of work for the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). The IPCC is then expected to accept the outcomes of the three WGs’ sessions, as well as consider crosscutting matters, a proposal for the preparation of a Synthesis Report, and other issues.

The IISD Reporting Services will be providing a summary and analysis of the meeting

More information is available on the IISD website.

Ghana Gears Up For Copenhagen Climate Summit

As the world makes final preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Ghana has reaffirmed its solidarity and commitment to join the comity of nations to confront the challenges of climate change and arrive at a new global deal. Our colleague Frederick Opoku writes about the preparations in Ghana for COP15:
Ghana Gears Up For Copenhagen Climate Summit

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009

Addressing the media on the final day of the Bangkok session, Yvo de Boer spoke of a constructive two weeks of talks, and said that all the ingredients for a successful outcome in Copenhagen are on the table.
World leaders set out a clear mandate to prevent dangerous climate change at last month's New York summit, he said. In Bangkok, their negotiators have shown rapid progress on concrete ways to implement the mandate, but are still hanging on to long-held differences.
Mr. de Boer stressed the urgency of raising ambitions and bridging the disconnect, adding that now is the time to step back from self interest and let common interest prevail.
With the next session in Barcelona only three weeks away, Mr. de Boer said he hopes negotiators will use the time to go back to those world leaders who called for a breakthrough in Copenhagen and get from them a mandate to resolve the key political issues that remain outstanding.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

News from Jorisna

Jorisna writes: Hope you are well. I am a bit behind communicating but will send a few pdfs, links through tomorrow. Everything is now gathering great spead towords COP15......Kind regards, Jorisna Bonthuys, Die Burger, Cape Town.
Links to Jorisnas articles, which all are written in Afrikaans.

Is the future climate already here?
Birth of a new climate order
A climate for plants

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2020 Climate Leadership Campaign

Our colleague Andrea writes: In my hometown, Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, the State of the World Forum launched the international "2020 Climate Leadership Campaign". The magazine that I work for supported the event and published 12 pages about it. I was requested to conclude this covering by doing an analysis of the campaign. I decided then to talk about the power and the role of the cities to combat climate change, since the campaign will be launched in many other cities around the world (the next is Washington). Framing all the analysis was the Climate Summit for Mayors, parallel event of COP15. All the best, Andrea.

Monday, October 5, 2009

World leaders show renewed hope for Copenhagen

A new piece from our colleague Frederick Opoku in Ghana: The attached is a piece on the UN Secretary General's special climate change summit held in New York. I once mentioned this event in one of my articles on the blog and wish to share the summit outcome with colleagues. Thanks.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New articles by Leonie Joubert

Leonie writes: I think this is the most up to date list of climate change-related work that I’ve done since returning from Copenhagen. I’ll keep updating it as I go along. Kind regards, Leonie.

Extra Virgin Newsletter:
2 Pegging down climate’s big number (still to be published, watch

Project 90x2030 Newsletter:
6 High-stakes poker, at the climate table (to be published)

Mail and Guardian:

TV script writing

8 Global A Vision of Paradise: global warming and religion – this was a four part series on climate change and the faith communities’ response to it. I wrote the scripts for episodes one (on the science) and four (solutions). This was aired on SABC2 during August 2009.


IPS news service
11 Climate change “is a security issue” – IPS (subscribers only –
12 Seeing REDD over forests – still to be published on IPS, as above
Mobility magazine see
13 Running to stand still (to be published before December)
14 Two-wheeling in Copenhagen (to be published before December)
Galeforce Communications commission
15 Greening Cape Town for life after fossil fuels (still to be published in local media)

Training/Media education
17 Climate change training for community media, funded by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF): 13 August, Durban; 14 August, Johannesburg; 13 August, Cape Town. Additional – 9 October 2009.