Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009

Addressing the media on the final day of the Bangkok session, Yvo de Boer spoke of a constructive two weeks of talks, and said that all the ingredients for a successful outcome in Copenhagen are on the table.
World leaders set out a clear mandate to prevent dangerous climate change at last month's New York summit, he said. In Bangkok, their negotiators have shown rapid progress on concrete ways to implement the mandate, but are still hanging on to long-held differences.
Mr. de Boer stressed the urgency of raising ambitions and bridging the disconnect, adding that now is the time to step back from self interest and let common interest prevail.
With the next session in Barcelona only three weeks away, Mr. de Boer said he hopes negotiators will use the time to go back to those world leaders who called for a breakthrough in Copenhagen and get from them a mandate to resolve the key political issues that remain outstanding.

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