Tuesday, November 24, 2009

COP15 for journalists: a guide to the UN climate change summit

Mike Shanahan highlights a four-page briefing paper for journalists on COP15 published by IIED. It covers COP15, its build up and its aftermath. It explains key processes, major actions to be agreed and possible outcomes.

It has been reviewed by three international lawyers who sit on national delegations during UN negotiations.

It covers things like:
  • The future of the Kyoto Protocol – do some countries really want to kill it? 
  • Different COP15 outcomes, from no agreement to two legally binding protocols
  • Hot topics and sticking points in the negotiations – forests, fossil fuels and finance.
  • Where developing nations agree – and where they disagree.
  • Different negotiating blocks, and what they stand for.
 Download the briefing here

Mike also notes Climate Change Media Partnership’s Roster of Experts

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